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Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865.

The Missouri Department was organized 9 August 1921.

More information about the five Missouri tents listed below can be found by using the link above for "Missouri Tents."

Tent #16: Julia Dent Grant, St. Louis, Missouri

Tent #21: Ann Hawkins Gentry, Columbia, Missouri

Tent #22: Mary Whitney Phelps, Springfield, Missouri

Tent #23: Josephine Garlock Morrow, Macon, Missouri

Tent #24: Louisa Volker Macklind, Kansas City, Missouri

National Headquarters

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Springfield, IL




Photos for Tent 16 used by permission from photographers Debbie Walus and Donna Dasho.
Photos from Tent 22 used by permission from photographer Sally McAlear.
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