93rd Department of Missouri Convention

Hampden Inn by Hilton

St. Charles, Missouri

June 10-11, 2022

All Photos Courtesy of Dee Wolfe


Anna Funck
Carol Comp - National Patriotic Instructor
Carol Comp (Nat'l Patriotic Instructor) and Brenda Carter (Flag Bearer)
Installation of Officers
Convention Chair Diane Wood, Chaplain Millie Neff, GinaSmith
Dee Wolfe (PDP) & Debra Fain, Sr. VP and President Elect
Joan Koechig - Department President
Patti Kickherber, Department Secretary
Kitty Crider (Jr. VP) & Fran Black (Department Treasurer)
Mila Cunningham & Fran Black
Missouri Convention Cake
Sons of Union Veterans Color Guard
Table setting for Granddaughters Luncheon
Tent 21 - Mila Cunningham, Debra Fain, Bernice Wulff
Walter Busch, speaker for Memory Banquet