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 Our Founder

Josephine Garlock Morrow was best known as historian and genealogist. She worked to identify and list all the cemeteries in Macon County. She identified veteran’s graves and worked with families to mark the graves. Josephine was instrumental in obtaining many of the research books, family histories, and out-of-state information that are located in the genealogy room at Macon Public Library and at the Genealogy Library at the Macon County Historical Society Museum.


History of Josephine Garlock Morrow Tent #23

Macon, Missouri

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865



The Josephine Garlock Morrow Tent #23 of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 was chartered on October 27, 2005 at a ceremony held at the First Christian Church in Macon, Missouri.  The Charter Ceremony was conducted by Mrs. Ruth Funck, Missouri Department Registrar, and a member of the Julia Dent Grant Tent #16 in St. Louis, Missouri and Mrs. Brenda DeMarce, Missouri Department President and President of the Charlotte Harrison Boone Tent #20 in Kahoka, Missouri.  Twenty-nine members signed their names to the new charter.

Membership has gradually increased from 29 to 31 by January of 2006; to 35 by January of 2007; and to 36 by January, 2008.  The year 2008 was a record year when we hosted our first State Department Convention in Macon and membership for Tent # 23 grew to forty-four members by the end of 2008.  Membership numbers stayed the same for 2009 and 2010 with a few changes in names.  At the beginning of 2012 we had 42 members.  We gained 7 new members and lost 2 so the final 2012 membership stood at 47 members, our largest final membership count ever since chartering in 2005.  In 2013, we again hosted the State Department Convention at Macon.  We gained 3 members and lost 1 increasing our membership 49.



Charter Members


Donna M. Ayers (Mrs. Frank)**

Ann Bunch (Mrs. C.W.)

Mettie Davis (Mrs. H. Lee)

Marilyn Freeman (Mrs. Wendell)**

Jennifer Gabriel (Mrs. Greg)

Gyna Greenwell (Mrs. Daniel)

Dorothy Hartung (Mrs. Junior)

Martha Helen Henry (Mrs. Berl)

Becky Lang (Mrs. Grover)**

Susy Leath (Mrs. Harold)

Donna Llewellyn Lester

Catherine Llewellyn (Mrs. Bill)

Aletha Luther (Mrs. Fred)**

Ruth Masten (Mrs. Arthur)**

Danette Miller  

Mary Sue Overstreet (Mrs. Dan)**

Charlotte Pflum (Mrs. Warren) 

Michelle Pipes 

Helen Spencer (Mrs. Kenneth)** 

Mary Spencer (Mrs. George)

Courtney Stewart 

Patricia Stewart

Carol Sutton (Mrs. John)

Sara Sutton 

Betty Swisher (Mrs. Eugene)

Sally Watts (Mrs. Ronald)  

Elna Williams (Mrs. Russell)

Gloria Winkler (Mrs. Thomas)**  

Jennifer Winkler